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National Weather Service - Duluth Rules
National Weather Services Aviation Weather Center Link to the FARs - Federal Aviation Regulations
Thermal Soaring Forecast Miscellaneous
Soaring Weather Forecast FAA TFRs - (Temporary Flight Restrictions) with Graphics
IWIN - Interactive Weather Information Network Home Page Look Up an "N" Number
IWIN - Illinois Links To Other States' Aviation Offices Websites
IWIN - Indiana Training & Education
IWIN - Iowa Aviation Acronyms
IWIN - Michigan Fixed Wing Aircraft Designators
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IWIN - South Dakota
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CSC DUATS NOAA National Weather Service Satellite Imagery
CNN - Weather (Satellite Imagery of the U.S., and the rest of the world)
The Weather Channel  
Gleim Aviation Weather  
Pilot Weather Briefing - Free weather information for pilots, including  
surface conditions, upper level winds, turbulence, icing, thunderstorms,  
TAFs and Metars, radar and satellite images.  
Predicting Weather - Simple, shareware software that will create   
simplified weather predictions up to 60 hours hence based on National  
Weather Service data.  
AnyAWOS -  To Listen to the current AWOS recording at ANY  
airport in the U.S. call  877-269-2967 - Click on the link to the left for  
more information.  
RAMFAX Weather Symbols - A Pilot's Guide to Aviation Weather  
Services An online brochure to help pilots use the "National Aviation


Weather System."
METARs (Historical), Weather Planning & More National Climate
Data Center Airport & Weather Information
Winds and Temperatures Aloft  By selecting one of over 160 Home User Program - Minnesota Weather Access System (MnWAS)
continental cities in the U.S.A. or one of 30 cities in Alaska, you can Airport Directory & Travel Guide - Links To Minnesota Airports And
obtain wind direction, speed, and temperature forecasts. Their Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)


Minnesota DOT - Office of Aeronautics
Minnesota Aeronautical Rules
Wisconsin Department of Transaportation - General Aviation Minnesota Aeronautical Statutes
(Airspace, Weather Information, Aviation Events, Pilot's Information, Airport Information) Minnesota Aircraft Registration Information
Wisconsin airports with right-hand traffic patterns poster
Aeronautics Bulletin (as published in the Minnesota Flyer & Midwest
  Flyer Magazines)
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Minnesota Airport Directory
Airport engineers workshop Request a Minnesota Directory or Chart (E-mail your name, address
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Mechanic / inspection authorization (IA) seminar
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Wisconsin ultralight and light aviation safety seminar  Miscellaneous
  FAA TFRs - (Temporary Flight Restrictions)
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  Minnesota Skydivers Club
Skydive Twin Cities
Minnesota Civil Aircraft Registry - Look up an N-number
MSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Minnesota Association of Soaring Clubs
MBAA - Minnesota Business Aircraft Association
Minnesota Ballooning Association
MCOA - Minnesota Council of Airports
Minnesota Association of Professional Flight Instructors (MAPFI)
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Government Organizations

Aircraft registration
Airmen certificate testing locations
Airspace information FAA - Home Page
Aviation medical examiner search Accident & Incident Data
Building an airport/landing strip Licenses & Certificates
Class II NOTAM Web site Forms & Online Services
FAA Wings Program Education & Research - Airmen Testing, Training, Student Resources
Fuel service in Wisconsin Medical & Drug Information
Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc. MSP FSDO - Minneapolis Flight Standards District Office
Weather Access Runway Safety
Wisconsin Flyers Safety
Special Events FAA Safety Website & Safety Program Airmen Notification System
Wisconsin fly-in's (SPANS)
Transportation Security Agency
NASA - National Aeronautics & Space Administration
NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board Home
NTSB Accident database
Is there a way to notify the FAA online of a change of address?
     The FAA's Airmen Services Web site provides this capability to pilots.
     To utilize this online service, you must establish an account with the Airmen Certification Branch. Or, you may download the FAA's Change of Address Notification form (or Click Here), fill out the requested information, sign, fold, and mail it to the FAA.  Aircraft owners are also required to notify the FAA when the address on the aircraft registration has changed.

     The FAA offers a Change of Address Notification for Aircraft Owners that can be downloaded. Whenever you notify the FAA, and your aircraft is based in Wisconsin, you must also notify the Wisconsin Department of Transportation by completing their application and remitting any fees due.

     You can download their Form (DT1556) which is on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website at

     Be sure to:

     (1) complete and send the DT1556,

     (2) include a copy of the Bill of Sale (is applicable),

     (3) notify them of any address change, and

     (4) notify them if the aircraft has been sold/destroyed/or no longer based in Wisconsin.

     Questions can be directed to 608-266-1861.  Sales and use tax questions can be answered by calling 608-261-7694.  Remember that when a pilot moves and/or the permanent address changes, the FAA must be notified within 30 days; otherwise the pilot may not act as pilot in command.

Aviation Safety

Flight Training Information

Air Safety Foundation Aerobatics is Here
Air Safety Topics AOPA Flight Training Magazine
Aviation Safety Magazine Find a Flight School (
FAA Safety Website & Safety Program Airmen Notification System Find a Flight Instructor (National Association of Flight Instructors)
(SPANS) Jeppesen
Flight Safety Int'l Gleim
Minnesota Safety Seminar Information Skydiving
NASA Reporting - Aviation Safety Reporting System; protecting Private Pilot & Instrument Rating Practice Tests
yourself by being proactive Parts Geek -- Learn all about Airplanes & Their History
Plane Crash Information - Aviation accident database with brief   .

Online Magazines

analysis and links to official determinations. Voice recordings, aircraft
specifications, statistics, sorts by carrier or aircraft type, links and
reference Aviation Safety Magazine
Rich Stowell's Aviation Learning Center - Spin recovery techniques AOPA Flight Training Magazine
and emergency recovery maneuvers. AVweb Aviation Magazine
ProCockpit Flying
ASRS - Aviation Safety Reporting System IFR Magazine

Sport Pilot

FAA Sport Pilot Information
Adventure Productions Store
EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association
Powrachute Powered Parachutes
Six Chuter Powered Parachutes
Sky Ranger Aircraft
Titan Aircraft Company
Ultralight Aircraft Corporation
Zenith Aircraft Company

International Information Sources and Forms

AOPA's Aviation Services Department - AOPA Members Only -  or call 800-USA-AOPA AOPA's Guide to Customs - call 800-USA-AOPA
Going to Canada? Call FSDO and 1-888-CAN-PASS (888-226-7277) for information on Customs & Immigration (AOPA Members Only)
Canadian Aeronautical Information Publication
Canadian Weather
Centers for Disease Control - 404-639-3311 International Charts - NACO Distribution - 800-638-8972 or 301-436-6990 or Canadian Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources - 800-465-MAPS
Int'l Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) - 301-695-2220
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - 514-954-8219
International Flight Information Manual (IFIM) - USGPO - 202-512-1800
International Flight Plan Form (FAA Form 7233-4) - Members Only - or call 301-695-2000 or 800-USA-AOPA
International NOTAMS - Call 301-695-2000 or 800-USA-AOPA
U.S. Customs & Border Protection - 202-354-1000
U.S. Customs Service Decal - 317-298-1200 (ext. 1245)
U.S. State Department - 202-647-4000 (main switchboard) or 202-647-5225 (hotline for American Travelers)
     * CANPASS - Private Aircraft Program - Pilots and passengers traveling on a Canadian- or American-registered aircraft entering Canada directly from the United State must use a telephone reporting system to receive permission from Canadian Customs or Immigration officials to enter Canada.
     The aircraft may be private, company-owned, or a small charter carrying no more than 15 passengers.

     Notification must be made by calling 888-226-7277 two to 72 hours in advance of arrival.

     Pilots and passengers are still required to carry the necessary personal identification, immigration, and aircraft documents.

     Application - United States citizens, resident aliens, and Canadian citizens may apply for participation in the CANPASS program by completing a CANPASS application form.  The form, together with Canadian $25, should be submitted to

     CANPASS-Private Aircraft Program
     Post Office Box 126
     Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6T1
     Telephone 204-983-3500

Alphabetical List of Clubs, Organizations, & Suppliers

Aero-News Network Gleim Aviation Publications
Aeroplanner Gulf Coast Avionics
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) How an Airplane Works
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (Parts) How a Helicopter Works
Airport - Flight Plan, Airport Diagrams How a Jet Engine Works
Airports En Route - Airports directory with flight plan calculator. IAC - International Aerobatic Club
Computes distance, track, heading, ground speed and time en route IFR Magazine
between US and Canadian locations. Janes Information - Information about defense, weaponry, civil aviation
Air Source One and transportation.  Publications, news, FAQs, products directories.
AirNav - Free access to FAA data on airports and navigational aids.  Jeppesen
Fast database searches of flight planning information. Landings - The busiest Aviation Cyberspace Hub around!
Airport Guide - Databases with airport information, airmen, approach Lifeline Pilots - Volunteer to fly medical compassion flights.
plates, businesses, aircraft specs, navaids, instructors. Low  - Aviation databases: 19,000 US airports,
ALPA - Airline Pilots Association  aviation/weather calculators, aircraft registration search.
AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Malibu/Mirage Owners & Pilots Association (M/MOPA)
AOPA Medical Info Mooney
American Bonanza Society (ABS)  - This site has a number of databases that provide
ASA useful information to visitors: NOAA Approach Plate Database, FAA
AVCOMM Written Exam Prep, Aircraft Background Investigation, Aircraft
AVEMCO Performance & Specifications, Homebuilt / Experimental Database,
Aviation Acronyms Translated METAR and Weather Center.
Aviation Book Company NAFI - National Association of Flight Instructors 
The Aviation DataBase - A complete regulatory library: ADs, TCs and NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
FARs. National Air and Space Museum
Aviation Safety Magazine NBAA - National Business Aviation Association, Inc.
Aviation Seminars The New Piper Aircraft Company
AvMart Ninety-Nines
AVweb Aviation Magazine PAMA - Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
"Be A Pilot" - Learn to Fly Program - Get $49 Introductory Flight Pacific Coast Avionics
Lesson Pilot Mall
Bi-Fold Door by Schweiss - Advanced Flight Concepts for the GA Pilot
Cessna Pilots Association Rod Machado
Cirrus Design Runway Safety - FAA
Cheap Flights - Kids Airport Diversion Guide Seaplane Pilots Association
Dauntless Software - Free flight planning, training, and other aviation Sporty's Pilot Shop
stuff Soaring Society of America
EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association Sport Pilot
EAA Airventure - EAA Airventure otherwise Known as Oshkosh Thirty Thousand Feet - An aviation directory with thousands of links to
Eastern Avionics aviation web pages, aviation news, FAQs, and other sources of
FAA - The Federal Aviation Administration commercial, military, and general aviation information.
FBO Web Wag-Aero Group - Flight Planning made easy Wings Of Mercy
The Flightsim Aviation Zone  - Worldwide database with information   Women In Aviation International
about aircraft, airports, airlines, countries, time zones and ATC control 100LL
zones.  In addition, several aviation glossaries such as aviation
abbreviations, terms, definitions, meteorology and pronunciation.