Our Instructors

"A good instructor is confident and calm and lets the student fly. A good student comes prepared, listens, and ask questions. We should be good [pilots] - safe, knowledgeable, proficient, prepared, and confident." Mark Twombly, AOPA Pilot, Feb 2007

We subscribe to this philosophy: Our instructors are available seven days and evenings a week to fit YOUR schedule. We are committed to you; not about building hours. Our Instructors include former school teacher, business owner and airline pilot, and a former Test Pilot and current Corporate Pilot.

We teach because we love to do it. Our Office Number is 715-294-4500


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Mika Krogmann
Certified Flight Instructor

Cell: 715-338-6198

Steve Boo
Certified Flight Instructor.

Cell: 651-895-9232

Shelley Budke, CFI, CFII
Certificated Flight Instructor

Single Engine Land & Sea - Instrument

Cell: 651-315-6601

Dick Johnson, CFI, ME
President/Owner with wife Carolyn

Airport Manager
Certificated Flight Instructor & Aerobatic Instructor Corporate Pilot

Commercial Single Engine Land and Sea
Commercial Glider
Commercial Lighter Than Air Free Balloon

Tailwheel Instructor

Cell: 612-308-0647